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Zi Cha / Purple Tea (Raw 2012)


Zi Cha literally translates to “Purple Tea” and is one of the rarest type of tea in Yunnan.  We only pick the highest quality of purple tea, by selecting buds, with one leaf one bud.  Growing these tea near the equator with great exposure to sunlight, the resulting taste is much bolder and stronger than other types of tea. 

Zi Cha / Purple Tea is also called Three Color Tea because on the tea bush, they are reddish.  When made to tea, they are purplish.  Finally after brewing, they turn greenish. 

Purple Tea are very limited in supply as Yunnan produces less than three tons of Purple Tea every year.  Within Purple Tea, the “Purple Tip” is of the highest class. 

From the Tang Dynasty 760 AD, Lu Yu’s Tea Classics has mentioned: Among teas, purple above all.  Learn more about Pu Erh benefits!

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