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Teanami - Sheng Style Pu Erh (Loose Leaf)

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Increase your metabolism and boost your energy with our Sheng Style Pu Erh Tea!  These are 100% natural tea leaves that do not contain any artificial flavors or additives. 

In Asia, Pu Erh Tea is one of the most popular teas alongside green tea and oolong. The bold and natural flavors come from tea plants grown 4,000 feet above sea level.  The many health benefits makes Pu Erh Tea one of the best kept secrets in China.  

Traditionally, Pu Erh Tea was served only to the Emperor and the Royal Family of China.  The Manchus that ruled the Qing Dynasty were nomadic hunters with diets predominantly composed of meat.  Pu Erh became popular among the Manchu Royals due of its ability to degrease their diet and aid digestion.   

There are 80 grams in this pack to brew about 32 - 40 cups of tea.  Pu Erh Tea packs more flavor than most, and multiple brews of 2 - 3 times is encouraged for each serving. 

Check out our blog and see John Shieh's personal 40 pound weight loss journey with Pu Erh Tea!

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