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[Combo] Palace Pu Erh


Save money from shipping on this combination deal!  In this deal, you will receive:

This is a combo deal for our Palace / Gong Ting tea.  Palace Pu Erh is called Gong Ting in Chinese.  This is the Imperial (highest) Grade of ripe Pu Erh.  In classifying ripe Pu Erh, higher grades contain more buds, while the lower grades have more leaves in bigger sizes. 

The loose leaf version are from 2005 and has been aged for over a decade.  The tea consists of only tea buds of golden colors (golden tips)!  The result is a very delicate and smooth drinking experience with a lighter after taste.  

The mini cubes are also made with the Imperial grade of ripe Pu Erh tea.  

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