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Moon Light White Mini Cake (Raw 2010)

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About This Tea Cake

Moon Light White is a special type of pu erh tea.

Legend has it, in the mid 1800’s, the King sent the 7th Princess to the region to build diplomatic relationships among tribes.  Together with the chiefs of different Bu Lang tribes, the Princess helped create a new alliance.  The Princess spent a lot of time teaching the Bu Lang people how to plant and produce tea.  Eventually, she became known as the Mother of Tribes and the Mother of Tea.  This tea became known as Moon Light White. 

The name Moon Light White originates from how it is picked and produced.  It is believed this tea is only being dried and produced at night, absorbing the Moon’s energies.  The shape of the tea leaf is also slightly curved like that of a Moon Crest.  The softer style and the Yin-like characteristics reflects the Yin-Yang relationship that is the backbone of Chinese philosophy – adding some Chinese Daoism mystique to the tea. 

The fragrance hints of flowery and fruity aroma.  This tea is often being compared to somewhere between jasmine tea and oolong tea. 

This mini teacake has been aged since 2010.  There are only 200 of these available!

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Cake Details

  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Diameter: 5 inches
  • Brews: about 20 pots of tea

      Make sure you have a tea pick to pry apart the tea cake!

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