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Ming Style Porcelain Tea Cups

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In China, “Qing Hua” Porcelain – Blue Flower a.k.a Blue-and-White style porcelain was found earliest in the Tang Dynasty (608 – 907 B.C.).  In the Ming Dynasty (14th century), the art was refined and became main stream with the aim of being simple, functional, and beautiful.

During the Ming Dynasty, “Qing Hua” grew in popularity around the world and porcelain production & exportation expanded.  The same time, the Imperial Porcelain Factory was established at Jing De Zhen.   The extraordinary innovation in porcelain production in Jing De Zhen allowed the creation of other beautiful colors and styles.  Check them out here!

Pick out from from one of three styles!


  • Diameter: 3.5 inch
  • Height: 1.5 inch

Also, you can check out the Ru Yao style or also the Jing De Zhen style tea cups!

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