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Bu Lang (Raw 2011)

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About This Cake

This cake is ancient tree spring harvest (March) from 2011.  All of our ancient trees are at least one hundred years old.  The result is a mellow taste with very strong and lasting Cha Qi.  

The Bu Lang Mountain is located between Southern China and Cambodia.  Legends say, the Bu Lang people are descendants from the ancient Bai Pu minorities, dating back to 1600 – 256 B.C.  Every generation of the Bu Lang live on this mountain, and they may possibly be the oldest group of tea farmers. 

The Bu Lang people live in higher regions of the Jing Main Mountain, and tea is extremely important to both their physical and spiritual lives.  They have a temple dedicated to their Tea God with roofs carved into one bud and two tea leaves.  We are very proud to carry this Pu Erh cake!

Cake Details

  • Weight: 357 grams
  • Diameter: 7.5 inches
  • Brews: about 70 pots of tea

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