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[Chiyoflow] Red Jade Garnet Bracelet w/ Tassel


Chiyomala adds Zen and Energy to your life.

Brought to you by Chiyoflow Yoga Master Tracy Li (!  After years of practicing yoga, Tracy wanted to combine her understanding of yoga and life with a unique symbol, Chiyomala is the result of this creation.  The difference between Chiyomala and ordinary Mala beads are the design and meaning. 

Only the best quality materials are selected.  Every type of material has a specific purpose chosen by Tracy to help align your internal energy.  Combined with Chinese Five Elements philosophy and yoga practice, every Mala has unique healing properties. 

About This Piece

Nanhong-Agate is also known as the Red Jade.  Extremely rare and worn historically only by the most powerful rulers.  Its popularity reached a peak in the Qing Dynasty and is now popular among serious collectors.

Healing Properties

Garnet: Aids circulation and all blood related issues. Associated with the First Chakra, it is a stone of physical love and relationships, and a spiritual stone of psychic protection. Andradite Garnet is well-grounded in Earth's elemental colors of green or olive, dark yellow, and black.

Agate: Vibrates to slower frequency than other stones, helps with stabilizing and strengthening influences. Excellent to help balance emotional and physical energy.

Turquoise: Cleanses the energy centers and strengthens all of the Chakras. Helps with meditation by bringing concentration and focus.

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