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4 Tea Combo

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About This Combo

There are 4 Pu Ehrs in this combo for you to try. We feel you shouldn't need to commit to a whole cake without trying them out first.

We include 2 raw and 2 ripe types of Pu Erh with varying ages from 2005 to 2013.  This way you can try a broader assortment of different ages and also taste the difference between raw and ripe pu erh.  

These are tin cans of 20 gram each we have pre-broken down for you from full cakes, 80 grams total. A pot of tea can be brewed for around 5-8 grams.

Currently, samples are from the following tea cakes: 

*Note: teas may change in the sample based on availability.  

For even more flexibility, take a look at single samples here for $8 per sample.  

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