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Our Story

The Yang Li Kun Story

Yang Li Kun was an artist and member of the Yi minority ethnic group from Pu Er City in Yuannan Province, China.  In the 1950s and 1960’s she was famous for starring in “Five Golden Flowers” and “Ashima,” two films based on the lives of minority ethnic groups living in Yunnan’s forest.  


In the minds of the audience, her role as Ashima helped her gain recognition as the Goddess of Love and Beauty for over half a century. 

In 2000, Yang Li Kun passed away.  Then in 2006, Yang Li Kun’s husband Mr. Tang registered Puer Yanglikun Tea Industry Co., Ltd – in memory of his wife for being so pure and kind-hearted. 

Just over a few years, The Yang Li Kun tea brand has gained tremendous recognition in China for its highest quality and specialization in Pu Erh tea.  This is the FIRST TIME Yang Li Kun teas will be making an appearance in the US under the name Teanami. Come join our journey in drinking the best Pu Erh in the most traditional way! 

Looking closely, you can see all of our Pu Erh cakes are created in memory of her.


Why the Only Wine in Tea?

Please do not add wine to your tea! 

We compare Pu Erh to fine wine because Pu Erh tea is the ONLY tea that appreciates in value over time!  Instead of expiring, Pu Erh taste becomes richer, bolder, and earthier.  The color also changes as the tea ages!!  Bad tea is bad no matter how long you age them.  But good Pu Erh becomes pure awesome after 5-7 years of aging and proper storage.