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[Combo] Palace (2005) / Goddess of Beauty

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This combination includes:

Here you get the combination of both loose leaf packaging and cake packaging.  Both of these teas are of Shu / Ripe type.  Enjoy the rich and earthy taste of these teas!

This is the Imperial (highest) Grade of ripe Pu Erh.  In classifying ripe Pu Erh, higher grades contain more buds, while the lower grades have more leaves in bigger sizes.  This Imperial Grade from 2005 has been aged for over a decade and consists of only tea buds of golden colors (golden tips)!  The result is a very delicate and smooth drinking experience with a lighter after taste.  

Big Leaf Tea Cake: This tea Mei Shen (Goddess of Beauty) is named after Yang Li Kun (read more about Yang Li Kun in Our Story).  The ripe tea from this cake is autumn harvest (October) from 2008 and has been aged for about 9 years.  The tea leaves used are from bigger sized tea leaves that result in a bolder and earthier taste. 

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