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We are in Tupelo Honey Teas!!

Super excited for this announcement: We are now in Tupelo Honey Teas!!

If you are in the local area, go check it out!!

Like now!!

211 Grant Avenue, Millvale, Pennsylvania 15209

Tupelo Honey Teas has a great selection of different types of teas. And now their Pu Erh selection just got even better.  

They have a super awesome Special's list such as the Matcha Shot.

tupelo honey teas

Look at this guy, just chilling and doing his thing. You can tell he is having a great time here.  This is an awesome warm and cozy place to be since winter is coming!!

Lots of cool accessories here:

Tupelo Honey Teas often hosts events such as Brunches, Readings, Classes, along with lots of awesome weekly menu plans. 

For more information, check them out here:

And on Facebook:

Stay warm, stay safe!


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