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We Are Back! Happy Moon Festival!!

We are back online! 

Use coupon code MOON2018 for 20% off this week only to celebrate Moon Fest!  Also there is free shipping for orders over $59. 

Happy Moon Festival!  The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is one of the top 3 celebrations in Chinese tradition, and is also celebrated across many other Asian cultures. 

Take some time out of your busy schedule and try some of the below this week:

  • Try some Moon Cakes, check them out at your closest Asian Grocery market
  • Pair the cake with some nice tea (e.g. Oolong from Taiwan, or Pu Erh from Yunnan)
  • Take a nice stroll with loved one(s), and,
  • Check out how bright and beautiful the full moon is!

moon cake

It’s all about REUNION and APPRECIATION!

To learn a little bit more about the tradition and history of Moon Fest, check out our post last year

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