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Tea Tasting at Blue Monkey Tea this Friday!!

Come learn about the exotic pu erh tea!

How can tea become a collector’s item and cost north of 1 million dollars?

What makes pu erh so special that only the Royal Family can drink it?

Why do people call pu erh the weight loss tea?

We will be having a pu erh tea tasting at Tea Pittsburgh Blue Monkey Tea (formerly known as Margaret’s Fine Imports) located 5872 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217 on Friday March 9th 7:00 PM. 

During the tea tasting, we will also cover some cool facts of pu erh and introduce you to different types of pu erh. 

We will be serving these 5 types of Pu Erh tea:

Specialty Pu Erh

Limited seating!  Tickets are only $10 so come get tea drunk with us!

Call (412) 422-1606 or register your spot online HERE.  

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