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Pittsburgh's First Tea Festival!!

10 days ago was Pittsburgh’s FIRST Tea Festival.  Thanks to all of you that came.  You could have been anywhere else in the world on a lovely Friday, but you chose to be with us. 

There were over 25 vendors, tons of raffle draws, packed activities, and many tea classes.  For a long time, the Tea Association of Pittsburgh has been wanting to host such an event but has had reserves on the uncertainties of hosting an event of such magnitude. 

The turnout was a great success.

The number of participants doubled our forecasts.  Before the event opened its doors, the venue was packed with long lines of people waiting to enter.   Traffic never stopped, the place was packed from beginning to end.  At the Teanami booth, we were short-handed on staff and could barely keep up with making tea. 

Yup, did I say it was very crowded?

The biggest obstacle we had the whole day was getting more paper cups.  We brought in 200 cups thinking we would probably use half.  We could not have been further from the mark.  We borrowed from other tea booths, begged the tea association, called in favors from family and friends to do bring in some.  We ended up using close to 1,000 cups. 

Cutest thing we thought was what people compared our tea flavors to.  Here are some of the funnier ones:

  • The ocean/fish/seafood (very new…)
  • Beef
  • Chicken (I guess everything tastes like chicken?)
  • Sweet

Very surprising that nobody said EARTHY. 

What was also surprising was the amount of seasoned Pu Erh drinkers out there.  Pu Erh has always been a niche market, not that well-known in the Western hemisphere (or so we thought).  However, there were people that came to the Tea Festival looking specifically for Pu Erh! 

Our 10-year old 2005 Palace Pu Erh did very well and we ran out of the smaller packages at the festival!  People were very savvy and sophisticated in telling apart and recognizing/appreciating that 10-year old taste!  Unfortunately it is impossible to make “new” aged tea and the only way to get more is to wait...  We have already shipped out the remaining inventory we have in our Shanghai Satellite office to Pittsburgh.  We hope to serve as many people as we can with the remaining limited quantities…

Picture above is Pittsburgh Tea Association's Margaret!

ANYWAY!  Next year, the Tea Association of Pittsburgh plans to host a two-day event over the weekend at a larger venue.  Hope to see you then!  AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND HAVE AN AWESOME HOLIDAY SEASON!!

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