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Lose Weight? Willpower is Overrated!!

It’s March!!

Two months in 2018.  Are you still motivated about your New Year’s Resolution as you were two months ago?  Many people seem to have given up by now because they did not make any meaningful progress and just gave up all together.    

I’m here to tell you, DON’T GIVE UP.

You can still do a lot in 10 months.  This is real life, not a game.  Every step you take towards living a healthier lifestyle will pay dividends in your future. 

But to do that, recognize motivation and willpower is overrated. 

To make something happen, you can’t do it only when you feel like it, or when you feel motivated.  Do you know that person who wants to lose weight by “will power”?  But ends up finishing a full course meal with a chocolate cake for dessert? 

Don’t fall into the trap that you have to have “strong will power” and fight your urges to be tough.  Instead, put processes in place and just WIN. 

Instead of being the warrior that constantly fights their will power and cravings and never achieve their goals, be that person that actually make things happen and WIN. 

Here are a few practical suggestions you can do right now.  You don’t need to test your will power constantly, just put simple checks and balances in place. 


1. Bring only enough cash when you eat out

Look through the menu before you go out.  Decide what you are going to order, and bring just enough for your food and tip.  This way, you are more rational when you decide what you want to eat instead of looking at all those fancy dishes around you. 


You are also limited to stick to the game plan because you don’t have any more money, unless you feel like staying later to do the dishes. 


2. Right after you order, have the waiter pack half of the meal beforehand to take home

You just cut your portion in half! And you don’t have to prepare for lunch tomorrow!  Take the temptation out of the picture before you see it. 


3. Limit Empty Calories

Soda and alcohol provide no nutritional value but add A LOT of calories.  Better yet, drink Pu Erh tea.  Pu Erh tea increases your metabolism and also has many other health benefits.  Check out 7 Non-Scientific Reasons Why Tea is Good for Your Health.


4. Drink a glass of water before you eat

A study discovered participants who drank a glass of water before every meal lost 4.5 pounds over three months.  Why?  Because water partly fills your stomach and acts as a calorie-free appetite suppressant.



5. Track calories

Force yourself to face those numbers.  Once you start tracking, you can’t blame ignorance anymore.  The problem is no longer under the rug, and your only choices left are action or inaction. 

If you’ve never tracked calories before, here is a simple template.


6. Start now

You said, “Tomorrow” yesterday.  No more tomorrows.  Start now.  

You don’t need to do everything at once. 

Make incremental changes. 


I challenge you, for the rest of March – pick ONE of the above, and stick with it. 

For example, using #4 above: drink a full glass of water before dinner.  Don’t tell me that it’s too hard.  Once you’ve mastered drinking a glass of water, we can add another action item to focus on in April. 

Be more selfish.  The Future-You needs Present-You to make good decisions. 

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