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Lantern Festival 2018!!

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Lantern Fest is a Traditional Chinese Festival that is celebrated on the 15th of the First month in Chinese Lunar Calendar.  This year, it falls on Friday, March 2nd of the Gregorian Calendar.

The holiday falls on the first full moon after the Chinese New Year (a.k.a Spring Festival), which officially marks the beginning of spring!  In ancient times, farmers would pray to the Gods on this day for a bumper harvest. 


Lantern Fest is becoming more of a holiday celebration across the world.  A popular activity is guessing lantern riddles.  These often contain messages of good fortune, family reunion, abundant harvest, prosperity and love. 

These traditions are also becoming widespread in the West.  In London, the United Kingdom hosts the Magical Lantern Festival.  In Hong Kong and Taiwan, the holiday is also being commercialized as the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day. 

AND DON’T FORGET TO EAT RICE BALLS!  This is an important part of the tradition!!

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