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Introduing the Purple Tea Mini Teacakes

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Check out our new mini teacake right HERE.  

In Chinese, Zi Cha literally translates to “Purple Tea” and is one of the rarest type of tea in Yunnan.  This is because Yunnan produces less than 3 tons every year. The tea has a ton of medicinal properties - low caffeine content, high in antioxidants that provide anti-cancer benefits, improve vision, and lowers cholesterol. 

purple tea mini teacake

The tea is also known as 3-Color-Tea because they are red when being plucked from the tea bush.  When made to tea leaves, they turn purple. 

purple tea cake

Finally after brewing, the tea leaves turn green. 

purple tea brewed

This mini tea cake has been aged since 2010 November. 

The quantity is very limited!!  There are only 200 units of these!

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