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Introducing Our 2016 Raw & Bold Anti-Pu Erh (Young Sheng)

new product raw sheng

Introducing what we call the Anti-Pu Erh, or Young Sheng: The 2016 Raw & Bold

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**Very, very loose

This is our Anti Pu Erh.  One of those teas that isn't for everybody.  Probably not even for most people.  

Sometimes also labelled as Young Sheng – Young, because they haven’t been aged for long periods of time.  And Sheng, because it is under the raw/sheng type of Pu Erh tea (semi-fermented). 

after brew

**Image of tea leaf after brew

Young Sheng is in its own special category because Pu Erh collectors usually seek out aged teas of many, many years.  This tea is bolder and bitterer than its aged and fully fermented (ripe) counterparts.  

Different Pu Erh experience.  Not for the faint of heart.  

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