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Ancient Chinese Secret Remedy When You Catch a Cold


The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival was a bit over a month ago, which means WINTER IS COMING.  We often don’t dress appropriately when there are sharp and sudden fluctuations in temperatures, and catch a cold.  This blog is about a super easy remedy against a cold.  Some have actually called this "The Elixir of Life!"  You will need only three ingredients. 

#1 Ingredient: Ginger


Ginger is often used as an herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It is also a very common ingredient in Chinese cooking.  Looking at the Yin and Yang of dissecting Chinese food, ginger is a “hot” food.  In many Arabic cultures, ginger is key when you catch a cold as it “opens up all the channels” of your body. 

#2 Ingredient: 2 cans of Coke

coca cola

Coca Cola is the modern ingredient.  If you doubt how this remedy existed for hundreds of years since Coca Cola the company is only 130 years old, brown sugar and water was used in the past.  Coca Cola just made the logistics a lot easier by pre-packing them in cans.  The idea here is that sugar helps disseminate what you ingest throughout your body faster.  If you don’t believe this, track how many shots of rum it takes for you to get drunk.  Try the experiment again with rum AND coke.  You will reach intoxication a lot faster.  The Coca Cola does not dilute your rum, it speeds up how fast alcohol travels throughout your body. 

Sugar is a very hot topic.  Many diets out there actively refrain from taking sugar.  Lots of cited studies have shown how sugar is bad for our body.  In general, we agree that limiting sugar intake is the way to go.  The “average” diet in the modern world contains way too much sugar, correlating to lots of health problems.  However, in extreme circumstances (such as when you are sick), bring out the cavalry. 

Many East Asian countries use corn syrup instead of coke or brown sugar.  We generally don’t have a problem with that.  However, we know from Logan, corn syrup suppresses the mutant gene.  So just in case my mutant abilities might come to life someday, we will pass for now. 


#3 Ingredient: Lemons

This is straight up a Vitamin C boost. 

To complement this remedy, what I personally do every time I get sick is I would force myself to drink 1 liter of orange juice every day.  Two main reasons: Flush the body and boost Vitamin C. 


Making the Remedy

  1. Chop up the ginger
  2. Slice up the lemons
  3. Put all three ingredients into a pot
  4. High heat until boil
  5. Turn to low heat after boil for another 10 – 15 minutes
  6. Put in bowl to drink like soup, or put in cup to drink like a drink


In Chinese Traditional Medicine, you can’t “catch” a cold for no reason.  Usually it is because you have high “internal heat” that attracts the “external cold.”  So the best way to fight off a cold is to push out your internal heat.  The brown sugar (Coke) helps disseminate the ginger properties throughout your body, opens up your channels, and pushes out all your internal heat.  The lemon gives you a huge Vitamin C boost. 

After you drink this, you will likely heat up and sweat a lot.  So, keep yourself warm under the blanket and get a good night’s rest. 

If you find this article helpful, please share to anybody you know that maybe in need of some ancient magic healing!

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    Made this today. It is great.

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