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7 Non-Scientific Reasons Why Tea is Good for Your Health

If you aren’t a tea drinker yet, hopefully this post will convert you. 

There are lots of studies and research done on tea.  There are also lots of debates on how healthy tea is. 

  • Does green tea really help prevent cancer?
  • Does pu erh really help increase metabolism?
  • Which antioxidants are really in tea?
  • GABA and Theanine does what?

All these confusing studies, and who really knows?  But this is not about what tea “may” do or “could” do.  Here are 7 NON-scientific reasons why tea IS good for you:

#1. Boiling Water

Unless you are drinking Lipton or following the latest fad of cold brew (obviously, we do not feel for it), just the act of boiling water to make the tea, kills off lots of germs.  It doesn’t matter if you are drinking “raw” or “ripe” pu erh, all your teas are technically “fully cooked.”

#2. 0 Calories

Coke-Zero?  Every tea is Tea-Zero. 

#3. Stomach Allocation

Your stomach is only so big.  Or small.  For us humans, we consume roughly the same amount of liquid every day just from our habits.  More tea means: Less alcohol, less pop, less sugary drinks, less carbonated drinks…  You get the idea: More tea, less bad. 

#4. Lose Weight

Combining above two points.  Just imagine one extra cup of tea a day, one less coke/beer a day…  That’s 365 cans less of junk going into your system.  That is 73,000 calories less in a year (200 calories x 365 days).  This is NOT about debating if pu erh increases your metabolism.  This is about losing 20.8 pounds a year, FOR DOING NOTHING ELSE! Just swap out a can of junk for a cup of tea. 

#5. Mental Peace

There’s a certain ritual to making tea (more so for pu erh addicts).  But the act of prepping for the tea REQUIRES focus, calmness, and mindfulness.  When you’re handling a boiling pot of water (hating on cold brew again), you HAVE to be careful and focused.  I still have a huge scar from mishandling boiling water.  Now I focus.  This mental state doesn’t come from drinking booze. 

#6. 8 Cups…

...of water a day, recommended by Doctors for good health.  Why not add some natural flavors to it.  Keep your body fresh and constantly flush your body.  Have you seen a toilet that hasn’t been flushed for a month?  Not lovely. 

#7. 100% Natural

This isn’t necessarily true for bottled products. 

And yes, non-natural isn’t ALWAYS bad.  Penicillin is one of the greatest non-natural inventions in human history (so are cars and airplanes).  But in our commercialized modern world…  For things going INTO to your mouth and THROUGH your body, let’s try to keep it natural.  

More tea.  Less bad.

Are you converted yet?  If you are also converting new tea drinkers, please share this post to them!


- Johnny Shieh

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