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2018 New Year's Resolution?

Hello 2018!!  This will be an awesome year!!

Losing weight is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions.   Some sources say up to 25% of all Resolutions include losing weight.  We at Teanami strive to bring happiness and lead a healthier lifestyle, here are a few tips if you are still finalizing your Resolution.

1. Be specific

    Losing weight is a good goal.  Losing 10 pounds by October is even better because it is quantified.

    However, here’s an even better one: Consume a daily average of less than 1900 (or a number that fits you) calories a day. 

    Losing 10 pounds is a result.  It is great news if you can do it, but it is not measuring your actions.  By measuring leading indicators that will eventually translate to results will help you keep track of your actions.  Putting a very specific goal on how many calories you consume forces you to make decisions every meal of every day.  This also brings us to the next recommendation:

    2. Track Calories

      Studies show just by the act of tracking calories alone will help you lose weight.  But once you start to actively track calories, you will learn a lot more about yourself and your habits.  Some of these habits could be easily modified for a healthier lifestyle.  We will be blogging more about tracking calories later this year.

      3. Don’t give up

        Many people want every New Year to be an awesome year and they set out to accomplish very aggressive goals.  By February or March, they realized there is no way they will reach their goals and give up all together. 

        Take a look at the 2 scenarios below:

        Scenario 1

        Person A sets a goal to lose 40 pounds.  By Mid-Year, Person A loses 5 pounds and decides he is a failure.  He gives up.  “I can’t make it anyway, even if I tried.”  So for the second half of the year, Person A stops trying and goes back to his own habits.  He gains 5 pounds.  Net result: No change. 

        Scenario 2

        Person B sets the same goal.  By Mid-Year, Person B also “only” lost 5 pounds.  But Person B never gave up.  Second half of the year, Person B lost another 5 pounds.  Net result: lost 10 pounds. 

        Both people “failed” their goals.  But let the result speak for itself.  Although person B “failed” the New Year’s Resolution, Person B in reality won.  Person B lost some weight, developed healthier habits, and is continuously working towards the goal.   

        Sometimes even if you don’t “accomplish” your goal, you still did accomplish “something.”  That “something” is a reflection of the actions you took and the results showed. 

        Don’t dismiss those positive changes in your life.

        Don’t give up.

        Let’s make 2018 awesome.   

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